Has your business always always supplied goods and services on the basis of informal arrangements and trust?  Suddenly fing a bunch of disputes and bad payers had arisen in a short space of time? It’s likely that if you have standard terms of trade in place, many of th...

There are still options available if you have owned a home before and thinking about using your KiwiSaver to buy a replacement home.

We talk to Mortgage Box, Rotorua Mortgage Brokers and Loan Advisers about mortgage options for low-deposit borrowers wanting to get into their first home. Here's what they had to say ...

So what's this franchise thing all about, and what sorts of things do you need to consider when thinking about buying a franchise?

The ins and outs of mortgagee sales, buyer risk, borrower liability for shortfall after sale

Estate disputes arise in a number of circumstances, particularly about distribution of assets in a Will. Is it worth thinking about a Family Trust instead?

Don't leave problems for your family when you pass away by not having a Willl, or by not updating your Will regularly. Request our Getting Started Will Kit and free legal information guide to Making a Will here.

The New Year is a good time to make plans for the year ahead, and also a good time to review or make your Will.

Executors are people you appoint in your Will who have responsibility for carrying out your Will, selling property, paying debts and bequests from estate fund...

We frequently see issues cropping up during the home buying and selling process which leads to a lot of unnecessary stress and additional expense for both sellers and purchasers.  Whilst most issues can be dealt with, it can be a shock when problems only come to light...

No matter what your age, having powers of attorney in place to look after you, and manage your affairs and if you are unable, is wise planning.

A power of attorney is a written authority a person gives to another person or persons (the attorney/s) to act on their behalf...

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Saving time, money and disputes with proper standard terms of trade.

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